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360-Degree Integrated Marketing


From pitching a multi-channel new business opportunity to creating a launch campaign for an amazing new technology and advertising that drove traffic to this online only retailer, the work for Mars Direct covered all the bases.

Mars Direct had revolutionized the candy world by allowing consumers to personalize their candy with logos and text. Their next accomplishment was even more mind-blowing (and fun) — putting faces on M&Ms!

The work focused on stories of real life situations that the new technology allowed its customers to share.

The work consisted of traditional on-page advertising, email and online campaigns that partnered with major sports leagues and personalities. The crown jewel was The Candy Lab, an online experience that allowed users to fully personalize their digital “candy” with the faces of their friends and family and have them speak a message or sing a song (She Blinded Me With Science and I Want Candy). From there, users could share their creations via email or social media and even purchase their creations directly through the app. It was a fun, revenue-driving experience unlike anything the candy industry had seen before.