Web Design

Information Architecture? User Stories? User Experience?

Your Web site is the front lines in terms of your ability to communicate with your existing customers, potential customers (and future brand advocates) and it’s not all just pretty pictures and pithy copy. Putting together a Web site that reflects your brand and is useful to your users starts with a solid foundation of organization and functionality.

Why do you have a site? Who do you want to visit it? 
And most importantly, what do you want your users to do once they’re there?

All of this thinking needs to happen BEFORE one pixel is pushed on the first digital comp. That’s how we approach Web design here at Schumacher’s Meats, and in the end you’ll have a site that is not only good-looking, smartly-written, but easy to use for your visitors and beneficial to your business goals.

A word on development…

We build our site exclusively on WordPress and from scratch. Sure, pre-coded templates are nice, but we believe that a cleanly-coded site is the way to go — from a purely informational site, to a full e-commerce solution, simpler is better.

Schumacher’s Meats partners with the good folks at BTC Consulting ( for all our development needs. From the moment we quote on a site, to Go Live, BTC is intimately-involved every step of the way. They make everything look good and work properly. BTC also offers WordPress training, hosting and site maintenance plans.

Let us build a great site for you, you’ll be happy you did.

Some Examples of Our Work

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