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Welcome to The Cooler, where we keep examples of our USDA Prime Creative & Design work.
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This section should really be called storytelling, because that’s exactly what good advertising is — sharing your story (who your company is, your latest gizmo or great service that you provide) with your target audience. This story can be told many ways, through many mediums, but those are just tactics and channels of communication. Before you even consider how to tell your story, you need to craft the story itself.

At Schumacher’s Meats we specialize in helping our clients figure out their story. Frankly, it’s the thing we love to do the most, because along the way to creating the story we learn everything we can about your business, your people and your products.

Our process is all about conversation. Lots of conversations. It starts with asking questions, establishing a connection and nurturing a deep understanding of your business’s goals and needs. It’s also about challenging conventions in both thought and process — it’s all part of creating an authentic story that will resonate with your customers.

Each client is unique and whether it’s a new business or one that’s been in a family for generations, each has a story that can win new customers, keep old ones coming back and create new opportunities. So give us a call, let’s talk.

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