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The cooler

Welcome to The Cooler, where we keep examples of our USDA Prime Creative & Design work.
Take a look and then give us a call with an order of your own.


Creating a clearly-defined brand is the cornerstone of any business but it’s not just about creating a fancy logo (but it doesn’t hurt to have one). How your brand communicates its essence/values to your target audience in ALL of its communications is based on its core values. These values may seem self-evident to everyone involved in the business, but it’s important to make those clear to your customers.

A brand identity is comprised of both visual and non-visual elements — the artwork, pictures and words (your brand voice) that you use whenever your brand is speaking to all your potential customers. At Schumacher’s Meats, we’ll work with you to put it all together and ensure your brand strategy is true to who you are as a company and exactly how you want your customers to think, feel and talk about you.

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